What is the thesis creator?

Many students find it hard to know how to start an essay with a good thesis statement.  The thesis statement generator is a FREE simple form that will organize your thoughts into a thesis statement in the correct format.

What is a thesis statement?

It is a short, detailed description of the topic and argument you paper will be about.  It needs to be concise, to the point, and unique for your topic.

Only a guide, but a good one!

The thesis statement generator form is only to be used as a guide.  The thesis statement creator will calculate the statement based on your input into the form.  It will still need to be checked for errors, etc.

Why is this website here?

College students and other writers often have a difficult time organizing their thoughts, let alone put them into a thesis statement.  Just answer the basic questions and use the examples to help guide you.  www.thesiscreator.com is a free website to help you do that.  We may have some ads to help pay for the website, but it is FREE for you!


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